Ahegao Wrap

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This heat resistant vinyl wrap is perfect for putting ahegao on all sorts of stuff. Just clean the surface it's going on, trim it to fit, put it on, then use a hair dryer or heat gun to make the wrap pliable so you can conform it to the shape of what you're putting it on! It goes great with airsoft, hi-capa, and can tolerate the heat from the real deal! Camouflage your blaster with ahegao!

Offered in two variants:
Mag wrap designed to fit standard steel/aluminum boxes and comes as a single sheet measuring 8" by 4.75". This will cover the exposed area of most boxes and the majority of most other boxes.

Three Piece Kit comes with one 8" x 2.25" piece for slides and two 8" x 4.75" pieces for the sides. Designed to fit most handheld styles.


  1. Degrease your surface. 
  2. Pre-trim sheet to fit (optional).
  3. Peel off the backing.
  4. Apply the wrap.
  5. Use hairdryer/heatgun and press into shape.
  6. Trim off any excess.